What about food and water?

Our meals are always a highlight of our treks. All food is prepared from organic vegetables and fresh ingredients purchased in the local Cusco markets, transported by the porters, then prepared by the chef.

Also, we are proud to say that the only complaints we get about our food is that there is too much of it. Many people comment that the food they eat on the treks is the best they get whilst in Peru.

A sample menu is as follows:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, pancakes, omelettes, porridge, toast, butter, jam, pancakes, fruit salad, yogurt with hot chocolate, orange juice, milk, coffee and a bountiful supply of bread alongside a wide assortment of teas and other drinks, notably Milo, a chocolate-flavoured energy drink.

Snack: Every day you are provided with a snack to eat whilst trekking, this is usually something like a power bar + fruit or biscuits + fruit.

Lunch: slices of avocado sprinkled with parmesan cheese, along with some sweets. Then garlic bread, asparagus soup, rice, fried trout, steamed cauliflower, carrots, beans, and more.

Happy Hour: Every afternoon around 5 p.m. we serve hot chocolate, tea, popcorn, biscuits, and bread and jam.

At 7:00 p.m there is dinner that consisted of: cream of corn soup, noodles with vegetables, chicken legs that we call “Condor Legs”, fried potatoes stuffed with cheese, cauliflower cakes “flat paddies” and more.

Please note: We don’t use any canned or rehydrated food for our trek, only fresh ingredients.

Can I have vegetarian meals?

Our cooks can gladly provide vegetarian meals. Please let us know of your dietary requirements when you book your trek.

Can I have vegan meals?

All of our cooks are trained to be able to prepare vegan meals. Please let us know if you are a strict vegan and send us a list of the foods that you cannot eat.

I have a food allergy or special dietary requirements. Can this be accomodated?

We have plenty of clients who have allergies to nuts, wheat, etc. Please give us details of your allergy at the time of booking so we can plan accordingly. Please let us know the severity of your food reaction and what type of medicine you will bring incase of an emergency. If your allergy is severe, you must be accompanied by a friend on the trek who is knowledgeable about your allergy and how to administer any medications.

Very Important: Due to the nature of the remote geographical location of the treks and the lack of suitable nearby medical facilities, INTI SUN TREK will not accept any responsibility, either directly or indirectly, for any problems due to your special medical or dietary requirements. We suggest that you check with your doctor before booking the trek.

What about water along the trail?We will provide you with boiled and filtered cold water during the trek after lunch on the first day. You will need to bring a container to carry your water in. Also, you need to ensure that you pack a sufficient amount of water for the first half-day of the trek



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