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Jesus Villafuerte, the founder of INTI SUN TREK and will do anything and everything to make sure you have an unforgettable experience in your visit to Peru.

Jesus was born and raised in the Andean countryside in a place called Chiara in the Combapata district of Peru. In his early years he only spoke Quechua, the native Inca language. At the age of ten, he moved to the city of Cusco, and needed to learn the national language of Spanish. Jesus always felt a strong connection to his Andean roots, and as he grew up he became a porter on the Inca Trail while balancing that with his studies at a local university. He realized the importance of learning English for tourism and he began studying the language at a local institute (as well as studying Adam Sandler movies). With his new language skills, Jesus eventually became a trekking guide, and has led treks all over Peru and even through Europe.
After accumulating many years in the tourism industry, Jesus wanted to fulfil his dream of creating his own travel agency, INTI SUN TREK. He wanted to form a company based on exceptional customer service that provides travellers with a genuine and fun experience in Peru. At INTI SUN TREK, Jesus gathered some of the best and most experienced tour guides in the region to ensure that your trip with us is perfect!

team inti sun trek

The Inti Sun Office Staff



Ursula handles the finances of Inti Sun Trek. She is from Tacna, which borders Chile, and came to live in Cusco 3 years ago. She has been with Inti Sun Trek since the begining of the company. Currently, she is studying English so she can be more involved with the tourism industry. She has a sweet, bubbly disposition, but if you forget to pay us, watch out, Ursula will be after you!


Ludvania studied Tourism and Hotel Administration at K’ipu Institute. She is now in charge of booking the Inca Trail and all other tickets involved in bookings for Machu Picchu. Ludvania is second-in-charge in the Inti Sun office and you are welcome to contact her at any time if you have any inquiries by using her email address


Diego is currently studying to become a tour guide in a local institute and is in charge of booking train tickets and arranging transfers from the train station. He will be the smiling face that you see at the train station once you have finished your trek

The Inti Sun Tour Guides


Carlos is our funniest and most experienced tour guide. He will always ensure that his tour group is informed and enjoying their time.


Alfredo is a very passionate and knowledgable guide. As a result of his passion for the Cusco region, he always provides the best information for his tour groups.


Joel is our musician guide. His tours are always very enjoyable and informative and he is always happy to provide some music for his tour groups.


Jymmi is a good and funny guide. He always ensures that his tour groups are well-looked after and happy.


Richard also is another experienced and knowledgable guide. He knows a lot about the Cusco area and always shares his knowledge with his groups while ensuring that the experience is always enjoyable.

Alfredo Huari

Alfredo Huari is our guide-in-training and he is currently studying English. Maybe if you book with Inti Sun Trek sometime in the future he will be your guide!

The Inti Sun Chefs


Urbano is one of our most experienced and finest chefs.


Fernando is a fantastic chef. His meals are always one of the highlights of a trek with Inti Sun. Fernando is also our musical chef and will always be happy to sing you a song!


Gabriel is a chef with a very large amount of experience. As a result of his experience, his meals are always satisfying and delicious!


Daniel is our comedic chef. He is always entertaining and fun and his food is always a highlight of the Inti Sun treks.


Eliseo is one of our youngest chefs, but his food is always delicious. He is just as trained as our more experienced chefs and always delivers a high quality of food!

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