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We are filled with pride, satisfaction and joy overflowing our passengers, thank you for choosing Inti Sun Trek

At Inti Sun Trek, your passion is what drives us. Want to hike the Inca Trail and camp under the stars? Take a luxury train directly to Machu Picchu? Visit the Sacred Valley? Walk around Cusco’s historical center? Explore some little-known Inca ruins or learn about our local customs? We know just how to arrange these itineraries, down to the finest detail, for small, private groups. The only limit is your imagination.


A Company with Integrity

We’re guided by solid principles that we adhere to under any circumstances, and we always act with transparency and honesty towards our clients


Hospitality Professionals

We have the determination, commitment and skill to serve you. We ensure an extraordinary experience with personal attention on all of our tours and treks.



From your very first email to us, we will work as a team to plan and arrange your experience in Peru. When you win, we win.



At Inti Sun Trek, we are constantly looking for new and innovative tour destinations in the region, because we understand that Cusco and Peru have much more to offer than just Machu Picchu.

Our Mission:

To be a moral, transparent, and environmentally conscience company providing a personal experience for small, private groups and ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our Values:

Honesty, transparency, knowledge, and respect for local communities and our staff.

What makes Inti Sun Trek different?

One of the major differences between Inti Sun Trek and other tour operators in Peru is that we limit our group size to a maximum of eight people per trek. In contrast, other tour operators often trek with groups of over sixteen people! By limiting our group size, we can provide a more personal and intimate experience as you discover .

Choose us for a tour that is enjoyable, informative, and more personal than the tours offered by larger, more commercial companies. Smaller groups provide more flexibility: we are able to move at our own pace, so no one should feel as though they are being hurried or made to wait. Furthermore, the majestic world of the Incas will be opened up to you in a way that is not possible in a large group setting. You will be able to ask plenty of questions without fearing that you are taking away time from anyone else in the group, and the guide will be able to customize the facts and stories he tells you to better fit your unique interests. Our small groups offer security, camaraderie, and a more intimate connection with your destination than you will get by travelling any other way.

However, don´t think that we can´t handle a large private group! Want to trek with a large family or organization? We will still provide personalized service in a private group setting suited to your particular needs. We will either hire an extra guide, or divide the group into a smaller parties to maintain our signature intimate trekking experience.

We require a minimum of two people to depart for any of our treks and tours. However, we have never had to cancel a trip, transfer travelers to another company, or charge extra to meet the two person minimum!

We do all this for our customers without ever charging them the rates normally associated with private tours.

When you choose Inti Sun Trek, you can be sure that all of our staff (guides, chefs, porters, and wranglers) are treated ethically and paid fairly in accordance with the laws and requirements of the Peruvian Department of Labor. We employ some of the region’s most experienced staff and all of our guides speak fluent English. They are very knowledgeable about local history and wildlife and are always happy to share their knowledge. Most importantly, as a result of their passion and knowledge, they will lead you on an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. However, it´s the cooks who are the true heros of our treks! They work hard to treat you to the best dining experience you will ever have in remote sections of the Andes, using fresh, organic ingredients to make magnificent and filling meals, even without the cooking equipment found in a restaurant.

At Inti Sun Trek, we care deeply about the Andean communities surrounding Cusco. We understand that tourism is a vital industry in Cusco and throughout Peru. By choosing us, you can help us create a positive effect on the surrounding communities.
As part of a recent expansion, we now offer tours to Arequipa, Puno, and Puerto Maldonado. Come explore the Amazon rainforest, Colca Canyon, and the Uros Floating Islands with us!