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When you decided to book the 4 day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, you must have heard about the incredibly strong people that carry all your equipment and help the tourists / hikers all along the trail.

You will also learn that among them is a man who still has enough energy to cook amazing meals for our hikers without regular kitchen equipment, and in the middle of nowhere.Those people are our Incan Blood Super Porters and Cooks who work together to transport everything from site to site all along the Inca Trail.They are the most important people to us, and that is why we always ensure that we treat them well.

At Inti Sun Trek, we really, honestly mean that.In the beginning, we did not tell each trekker all that we do to treat each of our Super Porters in the best way that we can, even though we realize that they are the most important element in making every hike exceptional. We did this because wanted to let each tourist see for themselves. We wanted you to see that despite the fact that we are a young company,

we have employed over 50 porters, 10 cooks, and 7 tour guides per year for each of the three years we have functioned as an Inca Trail operator.To help our porters, we supply free bags, pants, jackets, hats, t-shirts, trekking shoes, and safety belts for their backpacks. However, the most important way that we show how much we value our porters is by ensuring that they each have health insurance paid for by INTI SUN TREK. We also provide them with a very competitive wage.

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At Inti Sun Trek, we are tired of hearing the common, yet untrue, stories that some companies tell thier tourists about how they treat their porters in order to attract more business. That is why we have decided to write this paragraph; to shed light on this situation and to show you what a company who is truly equitable looks like.

Here are some example of these stories:

Many companies in Cusco claim that they treat their porters well, but don’t supply health insurance, even though they know that this is difficult job for most people. Some of these companies who claim to be fair force their porters to wear specific uniforms, but make the porters pay for their gear.Yes, they charge their own porters for uniforms they are requiered to wear! They even keep their porters away from their tourists, not allowing the trekkers to interact with them.


What is the government of Peru doing for the Porters?

In the past few years, the government has created some regulations for the treatment of porters, prohibiting any company who works as an Inca Trail operator from making a porter carry more than 20 kg, and also making sure they receive at least 170 soles per trek.

We do not think these laws go far enough to protect our men and to make sure they are appropriately compensated for their hard work. Sadly, despite these regulations, some companies still overload thier porters and pay them less that the Peruvian government established, with no consequences.

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How many kilos does an Inti Sun Trek porter carry on the Inca Trail?

At Inti Sun Trek, we always guarantee that each of our Incan Blood Super Porters carries only 17 kilos/34 pounds of our company gear and 4 kilos/8 pounds of their personal gear.

What is Inti Sun Trek planning to do for their porters in 2024?

At Inti Sun Trek, we are planning to do following things:

1.) Train all porters in first aid because we understand that they are our only support along the trail.

2.) Provide them with First Aid Kits.

3.) Supply each of our porters with new sleeping bags and mats. During our first 10 years as Inca Trail operators, we realized that some porters do not have good professional sleeping bags and mats. With this, we will ensure that they will have a good rest to continue their amazing job the next day.

Can we have time to interact with the Inti Sun Trek porters?

Of course! In the afternoon on the first day of your Inca Trail hike, you will have the opportunity to get to know the porters you hike with. You can even amaze our porters with your knowledge of Quechua!

Here are some phrases in Quechua that you can use along the trail:

English Quechua
Hello Rimaykullaykil
Hi Napaykullayki
Friend,Brother  Waykicha
What is your name? Iman Sutiyki?
My Name is Jesus… Ñuqap sutiymi.Jesus.
Good day Allin p’unchay
Goodbye Tupananchis-kama
Bye  Ratukama
Yes Arí
Not Manan
How are you? Allichu?
Thank you Sulpayki
You’re welcome Imamanta
Excuse me Dispinsayuway
Sorry Pampachayuway

porter phrases inti sun trek

Use some of these words in Quechua to ask your porter their name and about their family. If you can not get the pronunciation, your guide will be able to help you and translate the Quechua words so that you can communicate with them.
At Inti Trek, we guarantee that we will always give our porters a good salary, health insurance, and free, well maintained gear. Jesus Villafuerte, the founder of Inti Sun Trek, became a porter on the Inca Trail while also studying at a local university. He soon realized the importance of proper treatment of porters.

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