Ollantaytambo Peru’s Train Ride Town in The Sacred Valley

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Ollantaytambo Peru’s Train Ride Town in The Sacred Valley

A beautiful one and half hour drive from Cusco, the town Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley is the hub for people taking the train toward the citadel in the clouds, starting their four-day Inca Trail hike, and a handful considering a walk beside the tracks to Aguas Calientes. Due to this it gets a lot of foot traffic and a lot of tourist turn over each day, with most individuals and groups only sticking around for only one night.

However, Ollantaytambo should be understood as a special place that stands very much on its own two feet for a few good reasons – and very much worth making a stop at before you visit Machu Picchu, rather than simply going directly from Cusco. The town, continuously inhabited since the 13th century, was actually the only place in Peru which defeated the Spanish army (or at least held them back successfully until they returned with more forces) and remains a leading example of Incan architecture. Its location within the Sacred Valley is also simply stunning.

In fact, due to the tourism infrastructure it has in place, it’s a great alternative base for discovering the secrets of the wider Sacred Valley


The most popular companies of train are PeruRail and Inca Rail both have trains leaving constantly throughout the day from multiple timetables.  There is no real difference between PeruRail and Inca Rail. Both get you there and give you similar service.

If you do Valle Sagrado + Machu Picchu tour. You can spent your time perusing a local market in Pisac then make your way through the Sacred Valley. After that, You can climbing historical Inca ruins on Ollantaytambo. This charming little town is the last living Inca town in Peru. The train snakes its way along the Urubamba river slowly, but that doesn’t mean the ride can’t be bumpy. Try to find the train station bathroom before you get on the train.

Bring your camera! You’ll see stunning mountain vistas, snowy peaks and small communities along this rushing river and you’ll want to capture these moments before they’re literally out of sight.

Getting to the magical ruins of Machu Picchu will be much easier than you expect. The relaxing train ride will be a amazing change of pace as You watch Peru whiz by your window. You’ll enjoy your trip, Even better than You imagine they might be.

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