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Medical Information and Travel Insurance

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Do I need Insurance?

We strongly advise you to purchase travel insurance that covers accidents, medical expenses, and emergency evacuations. We also recommend a policy that covers bad weather tour cancellations, loss of luggage, etc. Please forward a copy of your insurance policy to our offices.

I have Asthma / Diabetes / Another Medical condition. Can I still do the trek?

You must let us know when you book the trek if you have any medical condition that could affect your ability to do the trek. This information will help us plan the trek for your safety.

INTI SUN TREK reserves the right to decline a trek booking if we feel that a medical condition may put your life, the lives of any of our trekking staff, or other clients at risk.

People with heart conditions, knee problems, severe asthma, or are more than 18 weeks pregnant should not participate in the trek. People with mild asthma, diabetes, or are pregnant less than 18 weeks will have to bring a medical note from their doctor stating that they are fit to undertake the trek. They will also be required to be accompanied by a trekking companion on the trek at all times who is familiar with any medicine required in case of an emergency. Due to the nature of the remote geographical location of the trail and the lack of suitable nearby medical facilities along the trail, INTI SUN TREK will not accept any responsibility, either directly or indirectly, for any problems due to your medical condition. We suggest that you check with your doctor before booking the trek.

What happens if I get sick on the Inca Trail?

If you get sick on the trek, we will evaluate your symptoms and treat you accordingly. We carry basic medical supplies on the trail, however, we recommend that you also bring your own supply of medicine. If your symptoms stop you from being able to complete the trek, we will have a porter accompany you back to Cusco where you can seek further medical treatment.

We will never leave you alone.

You will be responsible for all expenses that occur during your transport back to Cusco (for example, the bus ticket). If you are feeling better, we will help you to pay for another train ticket to Aguas Calientes so you can participate in the guided tour of Machu Picchu at the end of the trek and use the Machu Picchu entrance ticket that we have booked for you.

Very important: INTI SUN TREK  reserves the right to cancel a client’s trek booking if the client has not fully disclosed at the time of booking a medical condition that may pose a risk to the health of the client and/or other trekkers. No refunds will be given in this instance.