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Bus Tour from Cusco to Puno Full Day

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Places visited on this tour:

  • The Sistine Chapel of Andahuaylillas
  • Inca Complex of Raqchi
  • La Raya Pass  (4,335 m/14,300 ft) about sea level
  • The Museum of Pukara

Tours leave every Monday – Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Stop 1: The Sistine Chapel of Andahuaylillas

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We will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco around 6:30 a.m. and transfer you to the bus station. The bus will depart at 7:30 a.m. We will pass through some important neighbourhoods in the city of Cusco before arriving at our first stop, La Capilla de Andahuaylillas – The Sistine Chapel of the Americas. This journey will take approximately half an hour. Andahuaylillas is a small village famous for its Sistine chapel built in the 17th century. The chapel is a small structure consiting of one nave, aspe, and bell tower, made out of adobe and brick. Inside the chapel you will see beautiful murals of traditional Cusqueñan art, embroidery and carved altars. The tour of the chapel will take approximately 25 minutes, however you are not allowed to take photos or videos within the chapel. After visiting this chapel, we will continue travelling on the bus for approximately 2 hours to our next stop, Raqchi.

Stop 2: Inca Complex of Raqchi

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Raqchi was the temple of the god Wiracocha, the main god of the Incas. In Raqchi we will be able to see some Incan granaries and observe the beautiful architecture of this time made of straw and mud bricks. The tour of Raqchi will take about 40 minutes. Here, you will be able to interract with the local Andean people while you explore this site. After this, we will continue for 40 minutes to Sicuani, a relatively large highland town. The town is at a  major intersection, with the road to Puno/Arequipa passing through there. In Sicuani, you will enjoy a delicious buffet lunch in a friendly setting.

Stop 3: La Raya Pass

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After lunch, we will continue on the bus to La Raya pass, the frontier between Cusco and Puno. This pass marks the boarder of the watershed between the valley that drains into Lake Titicaca and the valley that leads down to Cusco. The elevation on this pass is (4335 metres/14,300 feet) above sea level. At this altitude we will be able to see the snow-capped peak of Chimboya. This place is also where the grand Amazonas river begins. Here you will have 10 minutes in which you can admire the view and take pictures of the beautiful scenery. We will provide you with Coca tea on the bus to help prevent altitude sickness.

Stop 4: The Museum of Pukara

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We will continue travelling on the bus for 2-3 hours to our 4th stop, the Museum of Pukara. Pukara was the first regional population center in the northern Lake Titicaca Basin during the Late Formative Period (500 BC- AD 200). The Pukara culture provids us with valuable insights into the origins of Andean civilization in the highlands. At this museum, you will see ceramic animals, pottery from the Pukara time, as well as some of their famous sculptures. The tour of this museum will take half an hour. After the museum, we will drive for one more hour to our final destination, Puno. We will arrive in Puno at approximately 5:00 p.m.


Price: US $60 per person

Group Size: Up to 30  people

Included / Not Included

Included in the tour:

  • A bilingual tour guide
  • Buffet lunch in Sicuani- vegetarian option is available at no extra charge
  • Entrance fees for all the museums and archeological sites along the way
  • Bottled water, coffee and coca tea on the bus
  • First-aid kit including an emergency oxygen bottle
  • Luggage transport/storage
  • Comfortable bus seats
  • Toilet on the bus
  • Air conditioning/ Heating
  • TV/Movies

Not Included:

  • Your hotel in Cusco or Puno
  • Breakfast and Dinner

What you need to take:

  • Your luggage
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle
  • Cash (in nuevos soles)
  • Camera
  • A warm jacket


How long is the tour?
The tour is from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

How many stops does the bus make?
The bus makes four stops.

Does the bus have wifi?

Are the meals included?
Lunch is included. Breakfast and dinner are not included on this tour.

Are the seats comfortable?

Is the guide informative?
Yes, they will give you plenty of information about the places we will see.

Is there a toilet on the bus?
Yes, but you need to bring your own toilet paper.

Is there a TV on the bus?

Does the altitude vary and will it affect me?
No, you should be fine as the stop is only 20 minutes. However, we will be prepaired to assist you if you should have trouble with the altitude.

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