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What to Pack for Salkantay Trek

What Accessories need for Salkantay Trek?

There are important accesories that form part of your Salkantay Trek Packing List.

Passport: You need your passport to enter to Machu Picchu. We recommend bringing a few copies of the identity page as well.
Insurance: You should have trekking and travel insurance for the Salkantay Trek. Remember to write down your policy number and ideally carry a copy of your policy on you. If something does go wrong the trek you will want to contact your insurance company immediately.
Sweat Resistant Suncream: Don’t just get any sunscreen. You are trekking to high altitude where the sun intensity is high, so you will need a high SPF (greater than 30). Make sure to bring sun protection lip cream as well.
Insect Repellant: A basic insect repellant is important. Make sure to get a reliable brand that has a high Deet content – greater than 90%.
Wet Wipes: Great for cleaning your hands and face, and wiping down your body after a long days trekking. We also recommend bringing a small antiseptic hand-gel for dousing your hands before meals.
Use zip-lock bags:  For your small gear like your wallet, money, camera, passport etc.
General Meds: Take Paracetamol for headaches (a common early symptom of altitude sickness) and Imodium.
Snacks: Take 2-3 energy bars for each day on the trail, so 10-15 in total. Nuts are also a good snacking food for the trail, just don’t get salty ones as these lead to dehydration.
Toiletries: One roll of toilet paper per trekker is a must (remove the cardboard roll to save space) and all your other toiletry basics (toothbrush, toothpaste, small travel soap).
Cash: Bring cash in US dollars for tips and Soles (in coins and small notes) for small purchases, access to toilets at Machu Picchu etc.
Cameras: The scenery along the Salkantay Trek and at Machu Picchu is extraordinary. Bring a decent camera to capture the experience.
Headlamp: You should also bring a headlamp or torch which will be used in and around camp, and as a back-up if you are a little slow on the trail and finish your trek around dusk. Headlamps are preferable as they allow you to keep your hands free.
Walking Poles: Walking or trekking poles are a must on the Salkantay Trek. You will be trekking along an undulating landscape for up to 5-6 hours a day, for 4-5 days. Your leg joints, particularly your knees, will take a battering.
Water Bottle: Due to the effects of altitude you need to stay well hydrated on the Salkantay Trek. You should aim to drink 2-3 litres of water a day. Water is typically supplied by your trekking crew at the beginning of each day.You should check with the operator that your crew boil, filter and treat the water with water purification tablets before providing it to you. As a precautionary measure you might want to bring your own Water Purification Tablets.
Trekking Towel (optional): A medium lightweight trekking towel to dry your hair, face and hands after a rainy days trekking. There is an option to visit the termal baths on day three, so a towel comes in use.
Swimsuit (optional): There are hot springs in the route and near Aguas Calientes, just below Machu Picchu, where you can swim.
Backpacks and Daypacks: The type of bag that you should bring really depends on how your support team is composed. Good backpacks are designed to transfer load weight to your hips. The shoulder straps should carry no more than 30% of the weight.

The types of clothing you should bring with you and provide specific recommendations on what to wear during the Salkantay Trek.

Underwear: You should bring 2-3 pairs of sports underwear. For women bring two pairs of sports bras.
Shirts: In terms of shirts we recommend 3 x short sleeve shirts and 1 x long sleeve shirt. Ideal fabric is a breathable. Make sure that your shirts are not cotton.
Hiking Trousers and Shorts: Bring 1-2 x pairs of hiking trousers – 1 is fine for 3/4 day treks, an additional pair is ideal for treks greater than 4 days. The convertible trousers are excellent. Also bring one pair of trekking shorts.
Fleece Jacket and Wind Breaker: For the colder stretches on the trail you should bring one mid-weight fleece jacket or parka top / jacket.
Rain Gear / Poncho: You can never truly predict the weather on the Inca Trail. As an extra precaution you should bring lightweight rain gear, or preferably a poncho that sits over your body.
Sun Hat: You should bring a lightweight, easy-to-store sun hat to protect your head and face from getting sun burnt and reduce the probability of heat stroke.
Neck / Head Band / Bandanas: If your hat doesn’t have a neck cover you might want to bring a neck or head band which can help protect against sun burn whilst doubling as a scarf or head and ear warmer during the cold nights.
Fleece Beanie or Head Band: As we have already mentioned the nights get cold on the Inca Trail. We suggest bringing a winter fleece beanie or head band.
Sunglasses: Good sunnies are a must. At high altitude (greater than 4,000 meters) the UV intensity is high and visible light strong. This can be damaging to your eyes.
Gloves: On the Salkantay Trek you are not going to experience blistering cold environments that require seriously insulated, heavy gloves or mitts, but you will likely encounter cold nips on the higher passes and in the mornings and evenings.
Trekking Socks: You should bring 4 x pairs of trekking socks. Look for a light-to-mid weight trekking sock made of high wicking material.

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