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Waqra Pukara “The New Cusco Jewel”

“Waqra Pukara is an Inca sanctuary of the first order, which denotes immense political and religious power that has not yet been deciphered,”by archaeologist Miguel Cornejo

Waqra Pukara is an enigmatic Inca fortress that very few people know about. The place has an overwhelming landscape, where gigantic stone formations stand out and its beauty is one of the most spectacular in the Andean world. It also has two groups of buildings.

The first group is located at the top, in the middle of a rocky dam, where people can see two compounds separated by a wide central space. The compounds have halls, ornamental niches and doors with double jambs; its architecture seems to be similar to other ceremonial buildings.
It was at one point used for astronomical observation and ritual, as well as, the development of agriculture as the buildings are westward facing. It also has a rare detail only found in Mauka Llactta architecture in the mythical Paqarektampu.

The second compound is at the bottom, and it has 8 platforms of 153 meters long and 1.80 meters high, which match the topography of the land. These ecological levels including: quechua, suni, and puna. Through each one you will see the beautiful diversity in flora and fauna.

Some residents in Acos also call it Llamapukara; and even though its origins are from pre Inca times, its foundation was built by the Q’anchi, and the Inca construction was built during the sovereign period of Tahuantinsuyo Wayna Qhapaq.

Location: Waqra Pukara is located about three hours south of Cusco by car in Acos, province of Acomayo in Cusco.
Altitude: This enigmatic fortress is located 4,300 meters above sea level, at the top of a huge ravine covered with forests that crown the abysses that overlook the canyon of the Apurimac River.
Weather: Cold in the morning; hot and sunny at midday; chilly wind towards evening. Layered clothing adaptable to different conditions is highly recommended.

Waqra Pukara is perfect for someone with minimal time looking for an experience unique to the others, as it is off the beaten path, rich in history and culture, and surrounded by vast beauty.

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