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Things That you Should Never Do in Your Inca Trail Hike

Things That you Should Never Do in Your Inca Trail Hike by Inti Sun Trek                                      Planning to conquer the Inca Trail any time soon? If you want to do it properly, you should read the following article carefully.

Don’t despair if it seems too hard: you will make it to the end and will feel a huge sense of achievement.

Don’t worry if you stink on the trail: everybody eventually will stink. You will sweat just like anybody else!

Don’t expect to shower: Showers are out of the equation until day two, but don’t get too excited: these showers are only freezing cold. Do not shower unless you are ready to risk pneumonia.

Don’t forget to have fun: this is a once in a lifetime experience, and you must fully enjoy it!

Don’t ever litter. Some other people might do it. Pick a few pieces of rubbish along the way if you find some. If all of us pick up a little bit, then together, we will have a bigger positive impact.

Do not disturb the wildlife in these mountains – always follow your tour guide’s directions with regards to interaction with native plants and animals.

Do not pick up plants or flowers of any kind. Leave nature in nature. The best place to appreciate their beauty is at their source.

Keep organic and non organic rubbish separated. Batteries should be returned back to your countries of origin for proper disposal.

Remain quiet, and especially keep your voice low while on the campsites. Our tents are not sound proof. Remember that we are here to enjoy nature, and that includes its beautiful sounds.

Do not consume alcoholic beverages or use drugs while on the treks. There will be a time for celebration later too.

Do not light candles or matches inside the tents, as tents are highly inflammable.

No swimming in the nearby lakes or rivers. Don’t go into rivers, lakes, or streams without sandals.

Please stay on the trails at all times. It is best when you stick to the directions provided by your guides. The trails are filled with many beautiful things that you might miss if you do not listen the explanations provided by your guides.

As a matter of safety and to avoid noise pollution, do not play music or wear headphones while you hike.

Keep local people undisturbed and respect their right to privacy. Always ask first if you want to take photos of them.