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The Inca Trail with Kids

Maybe, you might think that it will be inconvenient to travel with kids, but the nature is exuberant and the samples of living culture will have them entertained and amazed. They will see many new plants and animals, different people and words in an old language. The architecture will captivate your taste and you will not lose a second when taking a selfie.

What you have to remember, when hike the Inca Trail with kids, is that there is no turning back and there is no way to send vehicles or helicopters to be rescued. In cases of extreme emergency, the porters and the guide have access to stretchers (strategically stored in camps along the way) or mules, to carry out a sick or injured hiker.

Should families with children book group excursions for private excursions?

We recommend that families with children book a private Peru Inca Trail tour, either 4 days or 2 day. Although Peruvians are family oriented and love children, group trips are designed for adults, mostly foreigners, who may not expect to have children and may not have the patience to adapt to their needs.

Recommendations for the Inca Trail with kids

· Create an expectation, talk about the excursion the previous days, see a photo of the area that we are going to visit, tell the little boy some curiosity, about the place, that stimulates his interest, prepare the backpack of the Peru Inca Trail tour together.

· Do not hurry, go at your pace. Think you are traveling Inca Trail with kids, you must be patient and flexible. It is normal that they stop to see anything that catches their attention or that they entertain themselves along the way.

· Children imitate, for good and for bad. Your behavior on the Peru Inca Trail tour must be exemplary to convey the importance and value of nature. Respect the trails, do not leave trash or do not start flowers.

· Do not go too fast. It’s amazing what children are capable of. Sometimes they seem to have much more resistance than the elderly, but we must not fall into the mistake of forcing them too much, or we will achieve just the opposite that we seek. It is important to remember that the mountain must be a game, a means, never the end. No matter the kilometers, or even complete a route. The evolution must be marked by the child and not forced by us.

· Before leaving to do the Peru Inca Trail tour you must investigate what time it will take. Knowing the weather conditions is essential. Children get cold much faster than adults, so you have to be especially careful with them and warm them up a bit more. Also, keep in mind that they can get wet or dirty. Take spare clothes and also carry some extra extra coat in case it is cold.

If you are still unsure about the 4-day hike along the Inca Trail with kids, see the one day Inca Trail. The distance is 12 km / 7.5 mi total and does not involve camping. Children only need to walk for 1 day. Keep in mind that if your child has never walked a full day in their life, this is not the walk to start. Try them on a walk at home first. This walk should be completed in approximately 7 hours. The average time is 6 hours.

Normal and healthy children are more than capable of doing the 4-day walk. But if they are emotionally mature enough to commit, it is something that mom and dad should take seriously. No wifi or entertainment. And children who have never been without electricity may not know how to have fun.

As parents, we travel with our children to inspire them to take advantage of that vast and innate sense of curiosity with which we are all born and the 4-day hike along the Inca Trail is the perfect way to do it.

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