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The Inca Trail Packing List

On this blog, we’ll suppose that you’ve decided to hike the classic Inca Trail or Short Inca trail. Before we’ll start, there is one thing you cannot by no means leave behind.

· The Passport: Before the trek starts, make sure that your passport is securely stored in your daypack – the Inca Trail is the most controlled trek in Peru, and carrying your passport is absolutely necessary to have with you otherwise, you won’t be allowed to pass the control gate at the beginning of the hike.

· Hiking Poles: No matter how young or old are you, and no matter you’ve never used them before, hiking poles are almost essential for the Inca Trail (it is possible to rent them as well, but quality varies) because the terrain with hundreds of stone steps is pretty challenging.

· T-shirts or Sleeveless T-shirts: Because the classic Inca Trail takes four days, You should take two t-shirts with short sleeves each. It is up to you if you want to take a clean t-shirt for every day, we only do not have a feeling it is necessary. Because of lack of showers on the trail, you’ll be smelly anyway.

· T-shirts with Long Sleeves: You can use one long-sleeved t-shirt as an extra layer.

· Shorts: The afternoons are usually warm in Peru.

· Leggings: You can hiking in leggings and take one extra for sleeping or to be useful like an additional layer or during the night when it is too cold.

· Hiking Trousers: Hiking trousers, especially waterproof ones are a must when hiking in the mountains.

· Windproof and Waterproof Jacket: It is necessary to have a good-quality wind and waterproof jacket. This is an item you should not save.

· Rain Poncho: When it rains a lot, It is a lot useful.

· Sun Hat: Often there is no shadow when hiking the Inca Trail, and sun hat come handy.

· Gloves: It is better to have gloves in the morning, especially when you plan on using hiking poles.

· Hiking Boots: Quality, waterproof, and broken hiking shoes with sturdy soles are essential to enjoy the trek. Expect to hike every day between 10 and 20 kilometers.

· Flip Flops, Sandals or Sneakers: You should take whatever you prefer, but it is comfortable to put down hiking shoes once you do not need them and let your feet take a rest a bit.

· Headtorch: Having a good torch is a must as the last day, when you hike to Sun Gate and to Machu Picchu starts very early, at 3 AM. Headtorch is also necessary when you are walking around the camp after sunset.

· Dry Bag: When it rains, we always keep our electronics and valuables in a dry bag to keep them safe.

· Day Pack: It is necessary to have a comfortable backpack, ideally with a waist strap where you will carry water, rain poncho, jacket, extra t-shirt, snack, trousers, sunscreen, and your camera.

· Water Bottle or Camel Bag

· Toothbrush and Toothpaste

· Sunscreen: In the altitude, sun is even stronger than usual. We recommend you to have a good quality sunscreen with high protection (we use SPF 50).

· Mosquito Repellent: The Inca Trail is tricky, because when you descend to the valley, you can be bitten by insect.

· Deodorant: When a shower is not available. You need to use it.

· Wet Wipes

· Lip Balm with Sunscreen

· Travel Towel

· Blister Plasters: Guides should always have with them the first-aid kit, but we always take our own pills against headache, diarrhea and blister plasters.

· Pills: Bring any personal medication you require on a daily basis and carry it with you all the time.

· Hand Sanitizer: The porters always had a hand sanitizer ready in a food tent, but on the trail, you will need to use your own.

· Toilet Paper

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