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The Differences Between Hike and Trek

We pride ourselves in offering a variety of hand-picked active tours that fit an array of preferences and abilities, which is why we offer a selection of both treks and hikes each year. But what is the difference between a trek and a hike?


A hike is walking on a pre-charted path or trail and can be done in a variety of environments, ranging from flat, even paths through forests to rocky, mountainous terrain. Hikes can be for any length of time you’d like. Typically, you need to carry only a day pack with your hiking essentials – water, snacks, and camera.

On the Waqra Pukara Hiking Adventure, you will be hiking different trails of varying lengths in one day until, reach this imposing archaeological center and you then head back to civilization and the comforts of our cozy hotel for a warm shower, hot meal, and good night’s sleep.



A trek is walking on both charted and uncharted paths for a number of days through (sometimes) more challenging environments like hills and mountains, where there typically is no other means of transport. Treks usually occur further into the backcountry environment and, consequently, you may need to carry slightly more gear – a lunch, change of clothes, raingear, etc. Typically, The trek is from lodge to lodge (or hut to hut, or tent to tent).

The Inca Trail, is for the slightly more adventurous who don’t mind forgoing creature comforts for a few days in exchange for unbeatable views and an unforgettable experience. We’ll be hiking for 6 – 7 hours per day. At night, we will be staying in tents. Other treks may include camping in a tent overnight, like Inca Jungle.



Environmental impact

Hikers over many years in an area can destroy the natural environment they walk in through wood gathering, fires, fecal matter, leaving non-biodegradable matter.

As treks take longer than hikes, the environmental impact can be greater.


Usually in beautiful natural environments, nature trails, hills

In areas where there is no means of transport and areas of great natural beauty. Usually in mountainous areas.


Depends on the weather, Shoes applicable to the hiking terrain, water, sometimes a hiking pole. Backpack with food and medicine. Boots of trekking, water, hiking poles. camping  gear, waterproof clothing and clothing applicable to changes in temperature especially if in mountainous areas.


An outdoor activity of walking in natural environments often on pre charted paths called hiking trails. A long journey on non-designated paths which could last several days and could be challenging. It is more intense and energetic than hiking.


Whether you choose a hike or a trek, one thing is for sure – taking a walk in nature is a great way to explore new destinations, challenge yourself, and clear your head from everyday stress. If you want to do the Inca Trail, Salkantay trek, Inca Jungle orWaqra Pukara Hike. You can to contact us, We are Inti Sun Trek a reliable and safe travel agency, with a trained staff that will help you to live an unforgettable experience.