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The Best Time of the Year to Do the Inca Trail

The Peruvian highlands have two distinct climatic seasons. The dry season starts in mid April and ends mid November. Rainy season takes full hold December – March. For obvious reasons, the dry season is the ideal time of year for trekking the Inca Trail.

The rains can be persistent in January, especially at night. The days are typically cloudy, with a few sunny days thrown into the mix on occasion.

No one can trek the Inca Trail in February. Every year, the Ministry of Culture closes the trail for the duration of the month for maintenance and to improve the route. Machu Picchu is still open, however, but the train will be your only way to it.

Like January, expect rainy nights and cloudy days. If you’re lucky, you may get a sunny day or two.

By April, the rainy season typically peters out. The days grow warmer and more pleasant, with a few sporadic rains here and there.

May to October
The dry season begins in May and ends in October meaning the days are full of steady sunshine. June through September are some of the best months to hike the Inca Trail, as the days are exceptionally and consistently clear with fresh temperatures and the landscapes are even more beautiful. The nights, however, can get quite cold. Also the Inca holiday of Inti Raymi is celebrated on June 24. This festival also draws lots of visitors to the region, many of whom sign up for tours of the Inca Trail.

By November, the rainy season begins again. Expect sporadic rain showers and storms between bouts of sunshine.

December tends to be a rain-filled month with the occasional sunny day; however, cloudy days without rain are more likely.

Important Things to Note
· Keep in mind Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu are high in elevation, and the weather can change at any time. While these descriptions of the weather are the general trend, you should always be prepared for hot sunshine, cold rain, and everything in between.
· On any given day, only 500 people may enter the Inca Trail. Around 200 of these entries go to tourists, while the rest go to guides, porters, and other trekking personnel.

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