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Qeswachaca Inca Bridge and The Four Lagoons Full Day Tour (Daily Departure)

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  • Queswachaca four lagoons
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Trip Overview

The Inca bridge of Qeswachaka is an absolutely unique tour.This tour will take you to some lesser known but amazing attractions within the Cusco region. On this tour you will see the beautiful four lagoons of the highlands of Pomacanchi and Qeswachaka, the famous and ancient Inca bridge made of vegetable fiber. This new tour is not as popular with tourists and will allow you to take in the amazing sites in a more peaceful manner. You will also have the opportunity to interact with members of local indigenous communities who don’t see many tourists. Tourism helps these communities sustain their way of life.

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Places visited on this tour:

Pomacanchi lagoon
Acopia lagoon
Asnacqoccha lagoon
Pampamarca lagoon
Yanaoca town
Inca bridge, Qeswachaca (3,700m/12,140ft) above sea level

Daily Departures: From 7:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m.

Note: You will interract with local people during this trip. If you would like, you can bring small gifts to give them.

Important: We only accept direct booking and cash payments in our office for this tour


In the morning, we will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco at 7:00 a.m. and begin our 2 hour journey to the community and lagoon of Pomacamchi, which lies 107 km south of Cusco. We will walk out and take in the beauty of the Pomacanchi lagoon, at the elevation of (3679m/12,070ft). We will then continue driving to the lagoons of Acopia, Asnacqoccha and Pampamarca. Along the way, we will see an array of flora and fauna with a backdrop of beautiful Andean scenery. After a brief visit to each of the lagoons, we will enjoy a delicious picnic lunch with an amazing view of the Pampamarca lagoon.

In the afternoon, we will travel for one hour to Yanaoca. The District of Yanaoca is one of eight districts in the Canas Province of Peru. We will then continue our journey for one more hour to the famous Inca bridge, Qeswachaca, at an elevation of (3,700m/12,140ft). Our Inca ancestors constructed this bridge out of vegetable fiber and it is still being used currently by the local population. It is reconstructed once a year in the month of June by 4 local communities. We will spend some time exploring Qeswachaca and the surrounding area while your guide tells you the history of Qeswachaca. After exploring this fascinating site, we will return to Cusco in our private transportion. The trip will take about 4 hours and we will arrive in Cusco at approximately 7:00 p.m.



Price:  150 soles  per person ( peruvian currency). 

US$ 50 per person

Minimum group size requested to depart in this tour

6 people

Private tour for only 140 dollars per person

Minimum group size requested to depart in this tour

2 people

Important: We only accept direct booking and cash payments in our office for this tour

Included / Not Included

What is included in the tour:

Tourist transportation
English and spanish speaking tour guide
A boxed lunch (Including mineral water)
Vegetarian/vegan options available (no extra charge).
Entrance fee for the lagoons and Qeswachaqa
First aid including an emergency oxygen bottle

What is not included:

Tips for your tour guide and driver

What you need to bring:

Warm Jacket
Rain Gear
Extra money


Where is Qeswachaca?

It is located 4 hours by car from Cusco.

When does the tour start and finish?
Since the location is 4 hours away we will have an early start at 7:00 a.m. The tour finishes at 5:00 p.m.

What does the tour consist of?

It is mostly a bus tour with various stops.

Is lunch included?

Yes, you wil receive a boxed lunch.

Is there a toilet on the bus?
No, however we can stop for toilet breaks.

What is the maximum altitude?
The maximum altitude we will reach is (3800m/12,468ft).

What will I do if I suffer from altitude sickness?
We will treat you accordingly. We carry oxygen cylinders and altitude tablets.