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Niños Del Sol Welcomes Jesus Villafuerte of Inti Sun Trek As A Board Member and Supporter

Niños Del Sol Children’s Home is pleased to welcome Jesus Villafuerte, owner of Inti Sun Trek, as the first member of our new Peruvian Board.

Niños Del Sol is a unique home for orphaned and abandoned children in the Sacred Valley. The children have been raised together as a family since they were very young. They are raised with love, given a good education, and taught to respect nature, their culture, themselves, and one another. This home is unique in that the children are supported through University or Institute, so those who are willing to work hard can pursue their dreams and break the cycle of poverty in their families forever.

Jesus Villafuerte and Inti Sun Trek have joined us to provide practical support, financial support, guidance, and role modeling for our kids. Sr. Villafuerte understood our mission immediately and was eager to help our Niños. We are looking forward to having Sr. Villafuerte’s assistance in raising our Niños to adulthood in the Sacred Valley.

We are convinced this will be a valuable partnership for us, and an opportunity for Inti Sun Trek and its customers to give back to the people of Peru in a very meaningful way. This project reaches only a handful of children, but the difference it makes in their lives is massive.

With much gratitude,

Lauren Haas

US Board Chair

Niños Del Sol