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New Machu Picchu Regulations

  1. As of July 1st of this year (2017), the Decentralized Cultural Management (DDC) of Cusco has established certain prohibitions for tourists, tour guides and any other visitors during their visit inside the Machu Picchu site, regardless of individual circumstances and without exception. Failure to comply with the regulations will result in visitors´ immediate removal from the site. Their ticket will not refunded.
  2. The use of camera tripods, supports, extensions, or any other stabilizing/extending photography or filmography equipment is prohibited, including devices intended for use with cellphones.
  3. Selfie sticks and monopods are prohibited.
  4. Backpacks, purses, and bags with dimensions greater than 40x35x20 centimeters are prohibited.
  5. Entry with food and silverware is prohibited.
  6. Entry with any illegal substance or under the influence of such a substance; entry with any type of alcoholic beverage or while intoxicated is prohibited.
  7. Entry with any type of aerosols, musical instrument, megaphone, or speakers is prohibited.
  8. Entry with high-heeled or hard-soled shoes is prohibited. (Entry is only permitted with soft or rubber-soled shoes and sneakers). Entry with baby carriages is prohibited (entry is only permitted with wearable baby carriers that do not have metal frames).
  9. Entry with sharp instruments or weapons of any kind is prohibited. Entry is prohibited with flags, posters, flyers, or other objects of this type.
  10. It is not permitted to cause commotion, skip, jump, or create disorder at along the access road to Machu Picchu or at any point of its interior; to enter wearing clothes intended to function as advertising; to climb or lean against the walls and structures; to touch, move, or carry out artifacts; to deface with graffiti of any kind; to disturb, harvest, or carry out native flora, fauna, or other cultural elements.
  11. Entry with portable chairs and canes with metal or hard tips prohibited. (The use of rubber-tipped canes by senior citizens or evident physical disability is permitted).
  12. Any type of activity which reduces or degrades Machu Picchu’s tranquility, atmosphere, or environment is prohibited.
  13. Obscene acts outside of the limits of morality and good taste are prohibited.
  14. Visitors may not remove their clothing, wear disguises, lie down, run, or jump. Any nude visitors will be arrested.
  15. It is prohibited to make loud or bothersome noises, including but not limited to: applauding, shouting, whistling singing. Smoking and vaping is prohibited.
  16. Lighting any type of fire is prohibited. Producing waste of any kind is prohibited.
  17. Failure to follow the established routes and circuits is prohibited; street vendors are also prohibited within the Machu Picchu site and surrounding areas, until the Ruinas bridge.
  18. Feeding any domestic or wild animal is prohibited.
  19. Paragliding and the use of drones or any type of airborne craft over the site is prohibited.
  20. Filming or photographing for advertising purposes or in high risk areas is prohibited.
  21. Finally, it is prohibited to enter the Machu Picchu site via illegal or unauthorized routes.