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10 day Tour: Cusco – Inca Trail to Machu Picchu – Tambopata Jungle Tour

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Day 1: Arrival to Cusco and afternoon city tour

We will greet you at the airport and settle you into your hotel in Cusco. In the afternoon, you will have a city tour of the historical sites in Cusco.

Day 2: Sacred Valley Tour

We will pick you up from your hotel in the morning for a tour of the Sacred Valley. We will stop in Pisac to visit the market and the nearby ruins and continue to the scenic town of Ollantaytambo.

Day 3: The beginning of the Inca Trail! Ollantaytambo – Km82 – Ayapata

In the morning we will travel to Km82, the offical start of the Inca Trail. We will walk along relatively flat terrain for the first day, making a stop at the Incan site of Llactapata to admire the mountain views from this place.

Day 4: Ayapata- Dead Woman’s Pass – Chachicocha

This is the most difficult day of the Inca Trail. We will start early and hike over two high mountain passes, taking plenty of breaks along the way to catch our breath and admire the views. We will camp in Chachicocha, located in a sub-tropical cloud forest.

Day 5: Chacicocha – Wiñay Wayna

Many consider this to be the most beautiful day of the Inca Trail. We will visit 3 Incan sites as we make our way to the spectacular site of Wiñay Wayna, meaning: “Forever Young”, where we will spend the night.

Day 6: Machu Picchu tour

We will wake up eary to make our way to Inti Punku, meaning: “Sun Gate”, in time to witness the sunrise over one of the modern wonders of the world. From here we will decend to Machu Picchu and spend many hours exploring the site. In the afternoon we will travel back to Cusco by train and bus.

Day 7: Flight from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado

In the morning you will board a plane to Puerto Maldoado in the Amazon jungle. After a motorboat tour on the Tambopata river and a brief walk through the jungle, you will settle in for the night in a comfortable jungle lodge.

Day 8: Macaw salt lick

You will be taken by boat very early in the morning to witness the amazing spectacle of hundreds of Macaws and Parrots enjoying their daily dose of minerals from the clay wall along the river. In the afternoon, you will have a walking tour of the jungle near the lodge.

Day 9: Lake Sandoval tour

We will take a short hike to the beautiful Lake Sandoval where we will spend the day enjoying the amazing wildlife before witnessing the sunset over the lake.

Day 10: Puerto Maldonaldo – Cusco

After an early breakfast, you will board a plane for your return trip to Cusco or Lima.


Day 1: Arrival to Cusco and afternoon city tour

In the morning we will take you to the Lima airport for your flight to Cusco. Upon your arrival in Cusco, we will transfer you to the hotel of your choice within the city. After you arrive, you will have free time to take a short rest and adjust to the high altitude of the city. In the afternoon, you will have a sightseeing tour of Cusco with stops at the Main Square, the Cathedral and the Temple of the Sun, or “Korikancha”. We will continue the tour by driving out of the City to visit the Inca sites of Kenko, Tambomachay, Puca Pucara and the impressive Fortress of Sacsayhuaman, built strategically on a hill overlooking Cusco. This site is famous for its enormous carved stones laid with amazing precision to form the outer walls. Some of these stones stand over 9m / 30ft tall, and weight over 350 tons.

Day 2: Sacred Valley Tour

Our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel at 8:30 a.m. and you will travel by bus to the beautiful village of Pisac in the Sacred Valley. In Pisac, you can visit the lively artisan market to shop for handicrafts and later the Pisac ruins high above the Sacred Valley. We will continue our scenic journey to Urubamba, the heart of the Sacred Valley, where we will stop for lunch. Here you can try some of the famous Peruvian cuisine. Some of our favorites are: lomo saltado, alpaca steak, aji de gallina, or quinua soup. After lunch you will continue the tour to the amazing town of Ollantaytambo. Ollantaytambo is a classic Incan city which still features the traditional urban construction of narrow streets adjacent to flowing streams. After your tour in Ollantaytambo is complete, you get back to Cusco.

Day 3: The beginning of the Inca Trail! Ollantaytambo – Km82 – Ayapata

We will start the first day of the Inca Trail with an early breakfast in Ollantaytambo before travelling by bus to Piskacucho, also known as kilometre 82, where we will begin our trek. Upon arrival at kilometre 82, you will need to present your entrance tickets, passports, and (if paying the student rate) student cards.

The start of the Inca Trail is at an elevation of (2,720 m/8,923 ft). From here, we will cross the Vilcanota River and follow its route to the right. The first day is relatively easy, a warm-up on the flat Inca terrain. We will have great views of the Incan fortress Huillca Raccay, the vast and incredible Inca site of Llactapata (officially called “Patallacta”), the Urubamba mountain range that divides the jungle, the Andes, and the beautiful snow-capped peak of W’akay Willca (5,860m/19,225ft), also known as Veronica. Our first campsite at Ayapata will be a 90 minute hike up to the small village of Wayllabamba, at an elevation of (3,000m/9,842ft) in the temperate green valley. The temperature at night here is usually around 10°C / 50°F.

Day 4: Ayapata- The two pass – Chachicocha

This is perhaps the most challenging day of the trek since we will go over two high passes and walk 4 hours uphill. In the morning, we will pass by Llullucha Pampa, the last place along the trail that you can buy snacks and drinks. We will continue hiking uphill for two hours until we arrive to the top of Dead Woman’s Pass, located at (4200m/13,779ft). This is the highest point of the Inca Trail. Once at the top, our hikers can celebrate having completed the most difficult section of the trail while taking some beautiful pictures of the scenery. We will then start to walk down for one and a half hours until we reach Pacaymayo, at (3600m/11880ft), where we will have lunch. Here there are bathroom facilities. After our lunch, we will continue hiking uphill for 2 hours until we reach the Runcuracay pass, at (3900m/12900ft), which is the second highest point of the Inca Trail. On the way we will also pass the small Inca site of Runcuracay. We will then continue walking down for 2 hours until we will reach our second campsite, Chaquichocha. However, before we arrive at the campsite, we will pass by Sacyacmarca, an inca site along the way. The name Sayacmarca means “Inaccessible Town” and describes the position of the ruins perfectly. They are protected on three sides by sheer cliffs. From this point, the path descends into a magnificent cloud-forest full of orchids, hanging mosses, ferns, and flowers. We will walk through the cloud-forest until we reach Chacicocha, our campsite for the night.

Day 5: Chacicocha – Wiñaywayna

On this day we will walk for only 5 hours and see 3  Inca sites along the way. Many of our hikers say that this is the easiest and most unforgettable day of the Inca Trail. From Chaquicocha, we will walk for about an hour and a half to get to Phuyupatamarca, the third pass, at an elevation of (3550m/11550ft). On the way, we will pass through an impressive Inca tunnel carved into the rock. From here, there are spectacular views of several snow-capped peaks, including Machu Picchu Mountain and the town of Aguas Calientes. The Inca site Phuyupatamarca is located a short walk from the third pass. After visiting the site, we will continue our way down along a path featuring over 2,000 steps all the way to our final campsite, Wiñay Wayna, located at (2750m/8910ft). Wiñay Wayna is carved deep into the hillside above the Urubamba River and means “forever young” in Quechua. At Wiñay Wayna, we will have the final opportunity to thank our porters for their tremendous efforts at the tipping ceremony, as in the morning they will descend downhill while we continue on to our final goal.

Day 6: The Glory of Machu Picchu!

On our final day, we will wake up before dawn and prepare for one of the most awe-inspiring experiences of our lives, arriving at Machu Picchu. We will leave the last campsite at about 5:30 a.m., and after an hour of walking, we will arrive at Inti Punku, meaning: “Sun Gate”, at an elevation of (2730m/8792ft). From Inti Punku, you will be amazed by your first dramatic view of the sun rising over Machu Picchu.
After soaking in the view, we will walk down the final part of the trail and approach the ancient city, where we will be able to celebrate our accomplishment and take unforgettable pictures together in this amazing place.

We will descend to the main entrance, where we can leave our backpacks, use the restroom, and enjoy a quick coffee. After our break, we will re-enter Machu Picchu for a walking tour of the mysterious city, followed by four hours of free time for your own exploration of the Incan site.

After enjoying our final hours at Machu Picchu, you will take the bus down to the town of Aguas Calientes, where we will meet for lunch. You will then be given your train tickets for the return trip to Cusco.

Day 7: Flight from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado

Fresh off your visit to Machu Picchu, we will pick you up from your hotel and bring you to the airport where you will take a flight to Puerto Maldonado, the airfare is included in this tour. upon arrival in Puerto Maldonado, you will be greeted at the airport and taken to the WASAI Maldonado Lodge, where you will receive a welcoming tropical fruit beverage. You will embark for a 3 1/2 to 4 hour motorboat trip up the Tambopata river to WASAI Tambopata Lodge & Research Center. During the trip we will be able to observe the local farms, while groups of birds pass over the boat. With any luck, you will see families of Ronsocos, the largest rodents in the world. When we reach the lodge, we will have lunch and you will settle in to your accomodations for the night. After a short rest we will have a brief introductory walk through the nearby jungle to learn the basic principles of ecology and some history of the natrual wildlife in the area. After our walk, we will return to the lodge for dinner, after which we will return to the jungle to observe the nocturnal life of insects, frogs, and the occasional encounter with nocturnal mammals. We will enjoy the diverse sounds of the jungle which will lull us to sleep on our first night in the lodge.

Day 8: Macaw salt lick

We will wake up very early (4:00 a.m.) and have a light breakfast before departing for the “Collpa”. We will travel up the Tambopata river, or “Bahuaja” in the local dialect, for an hour and a half, to arrive and observe from a safe distance one of the greatest spectacles of wildlife: hundreds of parrots and macaws of various species enjoying their diet of mineral salts on the clay wall. It is an experience that never will be forgotten. We will make a stop on the river bank to have a fruit snack and we will return to the lodge to have breakfast and rest. After lunch we will enter the vibrant jungle on a special trail to observe wild life. We will then enter the territory of peccaries, deer, and others. We will have the possibility of spotting the tracks of these animals on the jungle floor, and we might even come across a troop of monkeys travelling through the forest in search of food. Time permitting, we will be able to return to enjoy a relaxing swim in the cascade of the cat. After dinner we can make another trip through the jungle, this time in search for caimans. You will also have the option to relax in our lodge surrounded by the exotic nocturnal sounds.

Day 9: Lake Sandoval

After breakfast, we will embard on a boat trip to the WASAI Maldonado Lodge, in Puerto Maldonado. Here we will relax in our bungalows and enjoy a tasty lunch. After lunch, we will leave and travel for twenty minutes on the Madre de Dios River to the access trail to Lake Sandoval, a beautiful rainforest lake. After a 5 km hike to the lake we will board a canoe to paddle around the lake while enjoying the beauty of the landscape and observing the wildlife, such as kingfishers, herons, hoatzins (unique pre historic looking birds) , monkeys, and other animals. If we are lucky we might see the family of giant otters which live at the lake. We will have the opportunity to fish for piranhas and to swim in the lake. Prepare yourself for a spectacular sunset over Lake Sandoval in the evening. After the sunset, we will start our return trip to Puerto Maldonado. We will stay overnight in a modern and comfortable bungalow in the WASAI Maldonado Lodge. After dinner, we will be able to rest or explore the city on foot or on bicycle. You will have the rest of the night free to enjoy the night life of this welcoming city.

Day 10: Puerto Maldonaldo – Cusco or Lima

In the morning you will board a plane to Cusco where you can spend the rest of the day exploring the city’s markets or relax after your trip to the jungle. This is where our tour ends and we wish you safe travels to wherever your journey takes you next!



Our prices include the tours, transportation and accommodation.

Price: US$ 1200 per person

Hotel in Cusco:  Tierra Viva  Saphi or similiar



Corto Maltes amazonia logde


What is Included:

-All Accommodation:

-All Transportation:
Airport pick up and drop off
Tourist Bus for the Sacred Valley
Bus to the start of the Inca Trail
Boat to Tambopata National Reserve

-Entrance Fees:
Inca Trail
Machu Picchu

Cusco City Tour.
Sacred Valley Tour.
4 Day Inca Trail Trek. Please read Itinerary and Inclusions
2 Day Puerto Maldonado and Tambopata Tour

Not Included:

-Entrance Fees:
Sun Temple (Cusco)
Cusco’s Cathedral
Partial tourist ticket or (Boleto turistico)
Tambopata National Reserve Entrance Ticket

Meals not mentioned in the Itineraries above
Your International and domestic flights

Packing list

What you need to Bring:

Original passport
For students: ISIC card
Insurance card/certificate
Hiking boots
Waterproof jacket or rain poncho
Warm jacket
Hat and gloves
2-4 t-shirts
2 pairs of pants (1 for hiking, 1 for camp)
Long underwear for sleeping/thermal underwear
Hand sanitizer
Comfortable trousers
Sun hat or cap
Insect repellent
Water and/or water purification tablets
Personal medication
Flashlight or headlamp
Cash (We recommend that you bring approximately 400 Peruvian nuevo soles to
cover extra expenses such as snacks, tips, and drinks)
Long sleeved cotton shirts (preferably green coloured)
Long cotton trousers
Cotton long socks (to be put into your trousers)
Sandals or light shoes
Sweater (for the beginning of the tour in Andes and the cloud forest only)

Important Information:

Please read the FAQ section on our website to familiarize yourself with our tours before you leave. www.intisuntrek.com/


How much is the tourist ticket (Boleto Turistico)?

You have two options. You can either buy the partial tourist ticket which costs 70 soles and lasts 2days. This allows you to visit three places. The other option is the full tourist ticket which costs 130 soles which allows you visit 16 places and is valid for 10 days.

Where can I buy the tickets?
The tickets can be bought on the way.

How many places do you visit on the Sacred Valley tour?

you will visit three places: Pisaq, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero.

What will the personal porter carry? Where will my belongings be stored?

This Inca Trail Trek includes the services of a porter for no extra cost. You can give him a maximum of (7kg/15lbs) of your belongings to carry. Your sleeping bag will weigh approximately 2kg and your air mattress approximately 1kg. This makes a combined weight of 3kg, leaving (4kg/9lbs) of personal items (clothing, toiletries, etc) to add to the porter-carried bag.
However, you will still need to bring a day pack with your essentials such as water, sunscreen, hat, camera, ect.
We will store your belongings in a secure place in Aguas Calientes before you arrive there.

Are there toilets on the Inca Trail?

Flush squat toilets have been built along the Inca Trail at all of the major campsites. But don’t worry, we will also provide you with a portable toilet only for your group

We recommend that you bring hand-sanitizer to use after visiting the toilets.

Can I use walking sticks on the Inca Trail?

Many people like to hike with trekking poles or walking sticks. This is fine as long as the poles will not cause damage to the stone paving along the Inca Trail. If the trekking poles have metal spikes, then these must be protected by rubber tips. We recommend bringing some spare rubber tips with you. These rubber protectors can be purchased in Cusco or Ollantaytambo. Wooden walking sticks are fine as long as you bring them with you from home.

Recently, government authorities have stopped trekkers from using wooden sticks that could have come from local forests to prevent deforestation of the protected Andean region.

What about Vaccinations for the Amazon Jungle?

While Malaria is very rare in this part of the jungle, we recommend that you talk with your doctor to recivie anti-malaria medication before you leave. Yellow Fever is also a larger risk and we strongly recommend that you receive a Yellow Fever vaccination before your trip to the jungle. Many South American countries will require you to show proof of a Yellow Fever vaccination when you enter the country after you have been to Peru.

Refunds and Cancellations

Refunds: If inti trek fails to confirm the reservation, your payment will be refunded in full.

Cancellation: Because of the strict regulations of the Inca Trail and Machupicchu, once you have made your reservation, you cannot cancel the space that you have reserved. You also may not alter the name or date of the reservation.

If you are unable to come on the date you have reserved, we cannot reimburse or transfer your deposit to someone else. Permits and tickets are also non-refundable, and non-transferable once Inti Trek purchases them and the reservation is done.

In the event you cancel your trip

If you cancel between 30 and 10 days before your trek, you must pay 50% of the total cost.
If you cancel between 10 and 3 days before your trek, you must pay 80% of the total cost.
If you cancel one day before your trek, you must pay 100% of the total cost.

In the exceptional case that you decide to head back once you have started the trail, we cannot reimburse any of your final payments. Unfortunately you will be responsible for all the extra expenses that occur during your transportation to the nearest town or Cusco for example food and transportation. If you want, you may join the group in Machupicchu for the walking tour and use all of the services onward. If so, we can help you buy a new train ticket to Aguas Calientes and bus ticket to Machu Pîcchu

I paid a deposit. Why do I still have to pay for part of the total cost?

At Inti Trek, we use our own money to pay for all the items that we need for the trek and tours that your deposit does not cover.

We also still need to pay for all the reservations we made for you. In addition, we must pay the salaries of the people we book to work for you on the trek. Typically they cancel other business opportunities to reserve the time to work for you.