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Inca Jungle to Machu Picchu: Frequently Asked Questions

Inca Jungle tour is the most famous adventure tour in Cusco region. Below is a brief answers to a frequently asked questions about booking, transportation, lodging, food, recommendations about it tour.

Can I book a tour without a passport?
Residents of South America can book with their ID cards and must show them when entering Machu Picchu. Tourist from other countries will have to book and show their passports to tourist attractions.
What is the best time of year to do the tour?
The best time for any tourism in Cusco is from April to November. This is the high season which means that you will have to make a reservation at least (3) months in advance.
Is the Inca Jungle tour available through all year around?
Inca Jungle tour is available 7 days a week, every month including holidays, with an exeption of 4th February when it is closed for maintenance. Despite this Machu Picchu can be still operated for 2 or 3 days.
Do you need to bee in a good physical condition for the tour?
It is recommended to be suitable for hiking for more than 6 continuous hours. Also it is recommended to have practice in handling a bike.
Can I buy food and water during the journey?
Yes, on some sections of the road it is possible to buy bottled water, but obviously the price will be higher than in Cusco.
Is there an oxygen bottle available during the trek, just in case?
Yes, all our tour guides take an oxygen bottle with them along the trail and will provide oxygen as needed.
Do we have to carry our backpacks while we ride bikes?
No, you can put your daypacks in the support vehicle, which will follow behind us as we ride down the road. However, you will not be able to access the packs during the ride. Therefore, if you have an extremely small or light backpack which will not interfere with your riding ability, you may want to carry it to hold sunscreen, water, or other essentials. (There are water bottle holders attached to the bikes).
How long will we be riding bikes?
The bike ride portion of the first day will last approximately three hours.
What about toilets?
All of the hostels have clean, private bathrooms. However, bathrooms along the trail are limited, and you may have to pay (usually 1 sol) to use them. If you do need to use the toilet between sites, please defecate away from the trail and water supplies; you can dig a hole, or cover your feces with a rock, and take the paper with you in a bag to deposit in one of the several bins along the way.
Are river-rafting and ziplining included in this tour?
Ziplining is available as an optional activity on this tour. It is not included in the cost of your trek and is an additional US $30 per person. River-rafting is not available on the three day Inca Jungle Trek.
What about altitude sickness on the Inca Jungle Trek?
To avoid altitude sickness on the trek, we recommend that you spend time in Cusco or in the Sacred Valley beforehand. If you have never been in high altitude, we recommend that you first spend a day in the Sacred Valley, because it is at a lower altitude than Cusco city.
How much stuff can we take? Do we carry it ourselves?
We recommend bringing no more than a 35 or 40L backpack to carry your things, as you will carry it yourself on the second day.

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