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Do you know about Túpac Amaru?

In 1780 Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui (c.1738-1781),was an indigenous authority, a kuraka, a title that the Spanish conquerors retooled from the Inca Empire. Condorcanqui added the name Tupac Amaru to highlight his bloodlines and ties to the Inca nobility. He emerged as the leader of a rebel army numbering nearly 80,000 people. Their goals were archieve social reforms in mining and forced labor, and to remove corrupt (corregidores). Condorcanqui took the name of Tupac Amaru II in 1771, and lead his followers in repeat attacks against Spanish leaders and mine and plantation owners. On April 6 of 1781, the Spanish military arrested Tupac Amaru II, held a mock trial and tortured the rebel leader.

A day like today, on May 15th of 1781 the visitador Areche pronounced his sentence. He underlined that Tupac Amaru had a led a “rebellion or general uprising by Indians, mestizos and other castes” planned for over five years and initiated throughout the Peruvian viceroyalty and that of Buenos Aires, with the intention of crowning himself king an libertador of ” that type of inhabitant whom he managed to seduce,” that is Indians. Areche insisted on the need for a rapid execution since many Indians were “full of superstitions, which lead them to think that the death penalty is impossible for him due to the main line of the incas as called himself, and thus absolute and natural owner of these dominions.”

The Spanish revenge against Tupac amaru II was remarkable for its brutality. The Inca leader watched his wife, son, and colleagues executed. On May 18 of 1781, Tupac Amaru II spoke his final words to te Spanish viceroy: ” There are no accomplices here but you and I. You, the oppressor and I, the libertador. Both of us deserve death!.”

The Spanish cut out his tongue then tied him to four horses to tear his body apart. This proved unsuccesful, so they cut his head and dismembred the body. They displayed the Inca’s severed limbs in the main strongholds of Inca rebellion. Up to 100,000 died in the brutal fighting and its rebellion inspired people until today.

The Q’eswachaka tour is the unique tour in Cusco where you known about Tupac’s Amaru life. You will also visit the town of Pampamarca. Where Miacela Bastidas (wife of Tupac Amaru) was born.  Also in the main square there is a monumet in tribute to Tupac Amaru II.

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