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Classic Inca Trail 2019: Permit and Campsite Availability

We recommend that you reserve your Inca Trail trek as soon as possible. In 2017, trekking permits for April, May, June, and July were sold out more than seven months in advance! However, be sure not to make your reservation until you have all of your group’s personal details (names as they appear on your passports, passport numbers, ages, etc.) and are sure of your travel dates. These details cannot be changed or updated once your permits and entrance tickets to the Inca Trail have been booked.

Campsite Availability

In 2019, we were able to obtain Inca Trail permits and tickets for all of our clients. We were also able to reserve space at the Wiñay Wayna campsite (the closest campsite to Machu Picchu) on the third night of the trek for all of our groups. This campsite is extremely popular, since it is only an hour and twenty minutes hike from the Sun Gate, where trekkers can see the sunrise over Machu Picchu before arriving at the site. However, the Peruvian government has changed the way in which they assign campsites. In previous years, campsites were assigned when permits and tickets were purchased as both could be obtained at the same time.

For 2019, campsites will be assigned only three days before the trek departure, and Wiñay Wayna will be automatically given to the largest groups instead of to those who reserved their permits and tickets first. It means that it is possible that some of our groups will have to camp at Phuyupatamarca on the third night of the trek.

The Phuyupatamarca campsite is located three hours from the Sun Gate. In spite of these changes, we guarantee that our clients will still be able to arrive at the Sun Gate in time to enjoy the sunrise.