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Best Time Of The Year To Visit The Humantay Lagoon Hike

The Humantay Lagoon is a hidden pearl of the Andean chain. You will hike along the amazing Cusco highlands until arriving at this heavenly, energetic spot. On this blog we will recommend you the best times of the year for doing this amazing tour.

The Humantay Lagoon trek is not about defying, defeating hostile nature. It is about doing a peaceful, relaxing, invigorating, upbeat excursion across the uplifting Cusco mountains. Thus, the best time for doing this wonderful journey will obviously be dry season, that is, between April to October. Hiking on rainy season (November to March) along the Andes is more for adrenaline-seeking and challenge-looking.

On dry season, weather is cold, strong winds but no rain whatsoever, no muddy or wet terrain either. You need to get yourself really warm clothing and accessories and you’ll be alright.

The Humantay Lagoon is an astonishing place to be and to see. You will spend a good while at this marvelous spot. Besides clearing your mind and replenish bodily energy just by being there, the landscapes are perfect for glorious pictures, there are the mighty snowies all around under a wonderful sky ceiling, and the Humantay Lagoon itself mirroring everything on its still blue waters.

And about rainy season for the fearless or people who don’t mind waiting for a pouring to pass: climate will be warmer, the path most likely muddy but overall it will be sunny most of the time, as gray clouds vanish.

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