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Best Season to Do Cusco City Tour

Cusco City tour goes in and around town, the most important in Inca times, now home for very warm people who welcome visitors with open arms. Includes all main archaeological sites.

First, it is important to briefly say that in this city (and the entire region actually), we have two very defined climate periods all year round. The Cusco City Tour best months will depend entirely on you and the vacation plans. Also, this tour can be the perfect addition for any Inca Trail, like the Classic 4-Day or the Short 2-Day Inca Trail.

November to March

This season is called low or rainy season, because the number of visitors is smaller due of course to the rain. However, these do not happen every day and these periods are really short, one can see visitors from all over the world all through the year in this town. The climate is warm, sunny most of the time, and nature acquires its strongest and more beautiful colors.

As a suggestion, you could plan the Cusco City Tour package for mid-February, which is Carnival week here in the region. There is an added atmosphere of joy and celebration in town. Locals set street markets full of typical, cheaper products, there are regional dances, music, food, beverages, street parades and so on. You will be surrounded by Cusco’s most essential, best folklore!.

April to October

On the other hand, these months are called high or dry season. The number of visitors increases because, of course, the total absence of rain. Weather is cold, particularly between June-August, also windy, but still there will be days with much sunlight.

These season Cusco has a lot of festivities, like the majestic Inti Raymi on June 24th, a festivity which recreates the original Inca one at its best, the worship of the Sun God and welcoming the new lunar year.

We hope this article has given a clear view of best months to do Cusco City Tour. If you want to visit Cusco. You can to contact us, We are Inti Sun Trek a reliable and safe travel agency, with a trained staff that will help you to live an unforgettable experience.