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Ausangate Trek Peru -Rainbow Mountain 5 days / 4 nights

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Trip Overview

This is an unforgettable hike recommended for trekking enthusiasts who are searching for an unforgettable experience in remote areas and untouched nature. If you are able to a handle higher altitude and longer distances as we trek the paths surrounding the snow-capped Sacred Mountain Ausangate (“Apu”) this trek is for you! The Ausangate trek will takes you past beautiful mountain scenery, remote Andean villages, and breathtaking turquoise lakes.

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The geological formations of the Rainbow Mountain will blow your mind away while the Ausangate trek will give you the best hiking experience along the 10th highest mountain of the Americas.


Cusco Tinki pacchanta

Early in the morning, at 5:00am, we will start our bus ride to Tinki, the starting point of this hike. From Tinki, a place filled with a great number of native professional mountain climbers, we will walk along the plains surrounding the Ausangate mountain. Our destination for the day will be Pachchanta a local community of llama and alpaca herders.

Pacchanta -Qampa

This is a challenging day, as we have to do our first climb of the hike towards the Tampa pass 5000m/16400 ft. The trail is rocky and difficult, but the views of lakes and glaciers will make our hike inspiring and motivational. Upon arriving to our destination in Qampa, we will have some free time to get soaked in the local hot springs of Qampa, which is a treat after such a difficult day.

Qampa ausangate Qocha

On the this day we will keep climbing up the Urubamba mountain range toward the Palomani pass (5,200 metres/ 17056 feet); the highest point of the trek. From here we will start the slow descend towards ur campsite at Puka Qocha. along the way, the impressive color of these glacier lakes will paint our views for the rest of the day.

Pukaqocha – Huampococha – Vinicunca

Early on the origin we depart from Pukaqocha and climb again to almost17,000 feet where you will be rewarded with the astonishing views of the Ausangate mountains. In the afternoon we will finally make it to Vinicunca or the rainbow mountains, We will enjoy the contrast of the sunset and the colorful mountains formed by thousands of years of accumulation of sandstone sediments.


After we enjoy the morning views of Vinicunca and the uniqueness of its colorful mountains, we will make our way back to our transportation that will take us back to Cusco.




Price: US $645  per person
Group Size: 2-8 people

Prices are the same for private or group treks!

We also offer a US $40 per person discount for group bookings of 3 people or more.

We offer a discount of US $20 to students with a valid International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and to children under the age of 16 years old. Scanned copies of your ISIC card or child’s passport must be provided at the time of payment for the trek in order to qualify for the discount.

Please notice: Our trek service starts and ends in your hotel in Cusco

Storage during your Inca Trail Trek: Most of our trekkers leave their belongings that they do not want to bring on the trek in the hostel or hotel they were previously staying in. These hostels/hotels usually have a secure, locked room where you can store your belongings. If you do not trust your hostel or hotel, we would be more than happy to store your belongings for you.


What is included in the price?

PProfessional guide who is fluent in English
Private bus to the start of the trail
Ausangate entrance fees
Two-person tents with plenty of room for your backpacks
Sleeping mattress
Meals cooked by an experienced chef: 4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners, and snacks!
Delicious food rich in carbohydrates and suitable for trekking
All of our food is prepared from organic vegetables and fresh ingredients
Vegetarian/special diet options available
Water (We will provide you with boiled and filtered cold water during the trek after lunch on the first day. You will need to bring a container to carry your water in. Also, you need to ensure that you pack a sufficient amount of water for the first half-day of the trek
Weight Allowance: 8 Kilograms /17 pounds per trekker (weight to be carried by horses)
Horse ( to carry the tents and cooking equipment)
Wrangler’s health insurance paid for by INTI SUN TREK
First Aid Kit including an emergency oxygen bottle and an extra horse for you to ride if the altitude makes you temporarily unfit to continue the trek.
Blanket for the chilly nights

Not included:

Breakfast on the first morning. Some hotels offer an early morning breakfast service. If not, we stop at the town of Ocongate on the way to the start of the trek, where you will have the chance to buy breakfast.
dinner on the final day
Entrance to the thermal springs in Pacchanta (10 soles)
Sleeping bags. These can be rented in our office for the entire trek for (US $30). Every sleeping bag is washed prior to each use
Tips for the guide, cook and wranglers

packing list

What you need to bring:

Hiking boots
Waterproof jacket or rain poncho
1 warm winter jacket
1 warm fleece or sweatshirt
Hat and gloves
2-4 t-shirts
3 pairs of pants (2 for hiking, 1 for camp)
Long underwear for sleeping
Hand sanitizer
Comfortable trousers
Sun hat or cap
Sun protection cream
Water and/or water purification tablets
Personal medication
Camera and Bateries
Flashlight or headlamp
Cash (in Peruvian Nuevo soles) We recommend that you bring some extra cash for expenses such as snacks, tips, drinks, and entrance to the hot springs.

Optional items to bring:

Walking stick
Basic First Aid Kit
Extra money
Bathing suit for hot springs in Pacchanta -not included in price (10 soles)


What is the Ausangate trek?
The Ausamgate trek is a circuit which starts tinki and finishes in vinicunca.

What is the highest point on the trek?
The highest point of the trek is 5200metres/17,060 feet. This is a very high altitude, which is why we require you to spend at least 3 days in Cusco to acclimatize.

How many hours will we walk per day?
We walk an average of 7/8 hours a day.

How many kilometres a day do we walk?
We walk for about 12/13km a day.

How fit do you need to be for this tour?
You do not need to be too fit to complete this trek although an average level of fitness will be helpful. However, you will need 3 days to climatise as the altitude can affect people used to living near sea-level. Do not be suprised if you tire more quickly than normal due to the altitude.

Are there toilets along the trail?
No, but we will provide a portable toilet and toilet tent. Do not forget that you need to bring toilet paper.

Are there hot showers on the trek?
No, there are no showers. However, you have an option to visit the hot springs on the fourth day of the trek.

How many people are in the group?
At Inti Sun Trek, we have small groups ranging from 2 to 8 people.

What happens if I suffer from altitude sickness?
We are well prepared for this with a fully equipped First Aid Kit including an emergency oxygen tank. Coca leaf tea is also a natural method to treat altitude sickness.

What will the weather be like on the trek?
The weather will be cold and windy, so be sure to bring warm clothes and a warm jacket.

What time does the tour start and finish?
You will be picked up at 6:00 a.m. from your hotel in Cusco and dropped off at around 5:00 p.m. on the final day.

Are meals included?
All meals are included apart from breakfast on first day and dinner on the last day.

Do I need to pay for anything extra during the trip?
If you would like to visit the thermal springs in Pacchanta, you need to pay an extra 10 soles about (US $3.50).

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag?
If you do not have a sleeping bag, these can be rented in our office for the entire trek (US $30). Every sleeping bag is washed prior to each use.

How much water should I bring?
You should bring a container to carry your water in. We will provide you with boiled and filtered water. Also, make sure to bring enough water for the first half-day of the trek.

How many lagoons will we see?
We will see seven lagoons shimmering with a variety of colors.

Are there llama caravans on the trek?
Yes, we will be able to use them if we have four people in our group.