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Trip Without Plastics

When you are enjoying every minute of travel you feel that the rest passes to the background. Now, We want to talk to you about a topic that usually goes totally unnoticed in travel “A Trip Without Plastics”.
Have you ever wondered, how many plastic containers do you use on a daily basis while you are traveling? Probably not, because maybe you do not even think about it when you’re at home. But this is a very real problem and it sometimes gets worse when we travel.
Unfortunately, the plastic contamination is a real and very serious problem, and mainly due to the misuse of it. To solve it we have to change our habits, not only in our daily routine but also during a trip, and rethink the way in which we produce and consume.

A Trip Without Plastics

This blog want to make you aware of the consumption and use of plastic during travel and what you can do to reduce, or better yet, eliminate it. The idea is to be able to give you some suggestions you can make while traveling to reduce your plastic use and invite more people to do the same.

Bring your own bottle of water: Stainless steel does not release toxic components, is resistant, hygienic (does not pick up odors) and lasts a lot.

Buy a cloth bag: Plastic bags are not necessary at all, are made from oil, take between 150 and 1,000 years to decompose and many of them end up in the sea, carry a bag of cloth to avoid taking plastic bags. They do not occupy anything, they are super practical and we use them for everything.

Cutlery: It is better to buy some cutlery and start rejecting plastic ones.

Food packaging: The easiest solution is to avoid take-out food that goes in plastic containers. There are places where you can pack it in cardboard or paper, depending on what you order.

Solid soaps: Commercial soaps often carry a large amount of chemical products and always come packaged in plastic. Moving to solid soap is a positive measure for the environment, for your body and also for travel.

Collect garbage: It is not worth only complaining about the large amount of garbage that is . If you see a plastic in the street or during your trip, remove it. It costs nothing!

Inca Trail Without Plastics

Tour operators committed to strengthen the segregation of solid waste generated. Among the main guidelines for solid waste management in the Inca Roads Network that were implemented, is the change of plastic bags through cloth bags, jute and / or tocuyo for snacks; as well as the registration of the amount of glass and plastic containers that enter and leave the Inca Trail, also considers the reduction in the consumption of batteries, batteries and others.

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