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2 new time schedules for Visiting Machu Picchu

machu picchu

According to new implementations taken by the Cusco authorities Machu Picchu will change its entry schedule starting on July 1sr 2017. This measure has been taken in order to regulate the flow of tourist to Machu Picchu

So the 2 new time schedules will be as follows:

A first group will start to visit the citadel from 6:00a.m until 12:00p.m

A Second group will start to visit the citadel from 12:00p.m until 17:30p.m

In addition to this new regulation the authorities indicates that all visitor wishing to enter Machu Picchu must carry their ticket and identification and must be accompanied by a tour guide

With these new regulations the authorities want to contribute to the safeguarding of tourist physical integrity especially at risk sites,as well as for the conservation of the cultural heritage and the organization of the tourist visit

They have also pointed out that the staff the work in the citadel is allowed to require the ticket and/or identitifaction inside of the Machu Picchu.  The tour guides will have the responsibility of entering and leaving the tourists he/shes leading of