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Many people dream of amazing vacations in Peru, but the hard part is making it happen. Finding a travel agent who truly specializes in this kind of trip can be even harder. At Inti Sun Trek, we take all of the guess work out and carefully help you find the perfect trip that works for you. We’re your one-stop shop!

Inca Trail Availability 2020 (In Real Time)

Click next to the month to see how many permits are available. You only permit for your start date.


Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Walk directly

through the

Sun Gate

into Machu Picchu

Inca Trail Treks

Alternative Routes to Machu Picchu

Were you not able to secure an Inca Trail permit?

Alternative Treks

Inti Sun Trek, a Serious Company

Inti  Sun Trek is an official Peruvian company, therefore we are obligated to follow Peruvian law regulations. Our general rules are based on Peruvian law.



We are serious about our clients

We never change or modify our agreements without confirmation. You will get exactly what is listed on our website because we believe in truth in advertising.

We pay taxes to the Peruvian government

All of our prices include standard tax. We are committed to our land and its development. This ensures that it continues to grow and prosper.

We adhere to all Peruvian labor laws

We are committed to paying our office staff, tour guides, porters, wranglers, and chefs fairly. We also pride ourselves on staff safety and happiness. We as a team cannot make you happy, if we are not happy.

Tours off the Beaten Path

Tours and Trails

no one else goes

and camping at places

no one else does

Tours off the Beaten Path

Top 5 Tours

At Inti Trek, the most important part of our business is you! That’s why we have selected the most popular tours and treks that can serve as a basis for your specific vacation goals. Your trip planning begins the minute you submit your first email.

Cusco Tours

Extraordinary day tours, designed
just for you

Amazing day tours in Cusco

We are a socially and environmentally responsible

Sustainable trekking

Help us to develop strong communities, one adventure at a time.

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Trekking done differently

100% Guaranteed Departures
24/7 Service

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Social ProJects

Commitment to responsible tourism one project at a time

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 COVID -19

The current situation in Peru:

Inka Trai Permits

Peru Rail


The government of Peru has closed borders through June 30th.

  • Quarantine measures in Peru are proactive and stringent, which has kept our numbers of confirmed cases and deaths low, especially in the Cusco region.


  • We plan to reopen the office as soon as quarantine regulations permit and start doing tours and treks when international flights are again permitted to land in Peru.
  • Inca Trail permits are now transferable, but remain non-refundable per government regulations. No additional permits will be issued for dates that have cancellations and remaining permits are still “first come, first served.”


  • You can ensure your preferred dates of a rescheduled Inca Trail Trek by notifying us in September of the year prior to your trek.


  • The government will not reduce or refund tour company taxes that we paid on our guests who have booked for 2020.
  • Peru Rail is allowing tour companies to postpone or transfer the tickets we have purchased, but will not give refunds.
  • Most international airlines are allowing guests to rebook their flights without extra fees.

The government of Peru is supporting vulnerable families with financial assistance, but there are no bailout packages for the tourism industry like some airlines are getting.

Inti Sun Trek  is a small, local Peruvian tour company. We are experiencing thousands of calls about cancellations this time and want you to know that while this is really scary for our company, we are committed to helping our Tourist, staff and community, and being resilient to come through this together. At this time we are choosing not to lay off any of our regular staff, because they rely on us so they can provide for their families. We are also supporting our porters, for the loss of work, even if only two month, is devastating for their families and communities.

If you are unable to do your tour, and you wish to donate your deposit to out-of-work porters fund or communities hit hard by the stop in tourism or the devastating landslides on the Salkantay trek road of February,  will directly send 100% of that deposit to the cause of your choice.